Asian Pears, Raspberries, Blueberries

& Mini Veggies

We have been orcharding and gardening organically and sustainably for over 30 years.

Our background involves establishing a certified organic orchard and raising over 3000 apple, pear and peach trees in northern Illinois for 10 years.

We continue the practices of growing responsibly at our current location.

We have a small established Asian Pear orchard and have just planted 35 new trees this year, bringing us to over 40 trees and 6 varieties of Asian pears.

We will be marketing these in the future. 

Also we have several varieties of raspberries, yellow and red.

Our blueberries are a new planting and we have 4 varieties. 

These will also be raised biologically and sustainably, without the use of any chemicals.  

All of our produce and fruit is raised using only certified organic approved fertilizers and ammedments.

20200514_112056 - Copy.jpg
20200518_132307 - Copy.jpg

36 new blueberry bushes - 4 varieties