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Asian Pears
We have been orcharding organically and sustainably for over 30 years.
Our background involves establishing a certified organic orchard and raising over 3000 apple, pear and peach trees in northern Illinois for 10 years.
We continue the practices of growing responsibly at our current

We have a 50 tree established Asian Pear orchard with 8 varieties of Asian pears. including 20th Century, Hosui, Kosui, Shinko, Korean Giant,
Chojuro, Shinsui, and Shinseiki

We currently market these in fall at the Forest Farmers Market.

We now have 3 varieties of raspberries.
Anne is a sweet 
yellow variety which bears late summer. 
Himbo Top is a large red raspberry bearing also late summer.
Boyne is a delicious early summer bearing variety.
These are sold fresh picked as well as used in our low sugar
 Raspberry Jam.
These are raised biologically and sustainably, without chemicals.  


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